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Setting the Stage: How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table for Your Home

By Mark Rutherford April 19, 2024


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Choosing the right dining table for your home is a significant decision that affects both the aesthetics and functionality of your dining area. At Prime Furniture Australia, we understand that a dining table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a central spot for gatherings and a reflection of your personal style. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the various factors involved in selecting the perfect dining table, ensuring you make a choice that fits seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.

Understanding the Basics of Dining Table Selection

Before diving into the vast array of options available, it's important to consider a few fundamental aspects:

  • Size of Your Dining Room: The dimensions of your dining area dictate the size of the table you can accommodate. Ensure there's ample space for movement around the table to maintain a comfortable flow.
  • Seating Capacity: Consider how many people you usually host. Opt for a table that accommodates your regular number of guests without crowding the space.
  • Existing Decor: Your new table should complement the existing interior design and other furniture in your dining room.
  • Budget and Quality: Balance your budget with the need for a durable and high-quality table that will endure regular use.

Assessing Your Space and Needs

Start by measuring your dining room, noting the layout and any other furniture you plan to keep. This helps in choosing a table shape and size that optimizes your dining area. Use tape to mark out the potential table area on your floor, providing a visual aid to ensure the table fits comfortably.


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Choosing the Right Shape and Size

The shape of your dining table should complement the dimensions and shape of your room:

  • Rectangular tables are classics that fit well in longer rooms and are great for seating larger groups.
  • Round tables are ideal for smaller spaces and encourage more intimate dining settings.
  • Square tables work well in square-shaped rooms and offer a modern aesthetic.
  • Oval tables combine the benefits of rectangular and round tables, facilitating easy movement and flexible seating options.

Material Matters: Durability Meets Style

Selecting the right material is crucial for both the table’s longevity and its integration into your room’s decor:

  • Wood: Offers a traditional, warm aesthetic and is highly durable if properly maintained.
  • Glass: Creates an illusion of space and exudes a modern vibe but requires regular cleaning.
  • Metal: Provides a contemporary look and is incredibly sturdy, fitting well in industrial-style interiors.
  • Composite or Marble: These materials offer unique textures and durability but can require more investment.

At Prime Furniture Australia, we offer a variety of dining tables in these materials, ensuring you can find one that meets your aesthetic desires and practical requirements. Check out our selection at Prime Furniture Dining Tables.

Calibre Marble Dining Table 120cm - Aluminium DT351A-Dining Tables-Calibre-Prime Furniture

Functionality and Flexibility

Consider how the table will be used:

  • Extendable tables are perfect for those who entertain often but have limited space.
  • Tables with storage options, like drawers or shelves, add functionality, especially in smaller homes.

Style and Aesthetics

The style of your dining table should align with the overall theme of your home:

  • Modern styles feature clean lines and often use materials like glass and metal.
  • Traditional tables are typically wooden with ornate designs.
  • Scandinavian designs offer simplicity and functionality, often in lighter woods.
  • Industrial looks are achieved with metal elements and darker wood.

Making the Final Choice

After considering all these factors, revisit your top choices and evaluate them against your initial criteria and budget. Remember, the right dining table not only fits your practical needs but also enhances your dining room’s aesthetic, making every meal more enjoyable.


Selecting the perfect dining table involves a blend of functional considerations and personal aesthetic preferences. At Prime Furniture Australia, we provide a wide range of options to suit any decor style and functional need. Whether you're looking for something traditional or modern, our selection is designed to meet the diverse preferences of our customers. Visit our website at Prime Furniture to find your perfect dining table today, and transform how you dine and entertain at home.

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