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Embrace Modern Elegance: Discover HG Living's Exclusive Collection at Prime Furniture

By Mark Rutherford April 15, 2024

HG Living Banyu Cross Legged Sitting Buddha Statue Extra Large Terracotta - Sculptures TerracottaJF059332092120153 2


Welcome to the world of HG Living — a perfect blend of elegance, modern design, and unparalleled functionality. At Prime Furniture, we take immense pride in presenting the HG Living Exclusive Collection, meticulously curated to transform your living spaces into realms of comfort and sophistication. In this detailed exploration, we'll delve into the distinctive features of the HG Living range, showcasing standout products that could be the ideal additions to your home.

Understanding the Allure of HG Living

HG Living is renowned for its dedication to excellence and innovative design. With a focus on meticulous craftsmanship, this brand ensures that every piece not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also serves practical purposes. Ideal for the discerning decorator who values both form and function, HG Living's offerings make every detail count.

Featured Treasures from HG Living

  1. Banyu Tall Standing Buddha Statue (Terracotta): Elevate the tranquillity of any space with the Banyu Tall Standing Buddha Statue. Sculpted from premium terracotta, this statue features intricate carvings that infuse peace and serenity into your environment. Its timeless rustic finish is suited for both lush garden corners and chic indoor nooks.

  2. Provence Distressed Decor Jug (Large Stoneware Rust): Introduce a rustic allure to your home with the Provence Distressed Decor Jug. Crafted from robust stoneware and finished in a charming distressed rust, this jug works beautifully as a kitchen centrepiece or a decorative accent filled with fresh blooms or standing proudly on its own.

  3. Austin Round Tub With Handle (Silver Oxidised): Merge industrial charm with modern utility through the Austin Round Tub. Its striking silver oxidised finish adds a contemporary touch, perfect as a novel planter, a chic ice bucket for gatherings, or an innovative storage solution.

  4. Hanoi Bamboo Lantern (Large Natural): Light up your evenings with the warm ambiance of the Hanoi Bamboo Lantern. Constructed from authentic bamboo, this lantern casts a gentle glow, perfect for setting a welcoming atmosphere in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Why Opt for HG Living at Prime Furniture?

  • Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship: At Prime Furniture, quality is paramount. HG Living's collection exemplifies top-tier craftsmanship, each piece meeting stringent standards from material selection to final finishes, ensuring both durability and impeccable style.

  • Transparent Pricing and Incredible Value: We stand by honest pricing. Our HG Living products are competitively priced, guaranteeing exceptional value. Regular promotions and discounts make these premium pieces accessible, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on style or quality.

  • Rapid Delivery and Stellar Customer Support: Experience quick delivery options with the HG Living range, designed to ensure your furniture arrives fast and flawless. Coupled with our proactive customer support, your shopping journey is seamless and satisfying.

HG Living Set Of 3 Metal Planter Pots Antique White - PlantersMQ729332092114954 2

Styling Tips with HG Living

The versatility of HG Living’s collection allows endless styling possibilities. Transform a minimalist space with the serene presence of the Terracotta Buddha, or infuse a traditional setting with the rustic charm of the Provence Jug. Mix and match pieces to curate spaces that reflect your unique style and preferences.


Opting for HG Living furniture is more than a purchase; it's a lifestyle choice that brings lasting beauty and functionality to your home. Explore the complete HG Living collection on the Prime Furniture website and discover premium pieces that redefine elegance and comfort in home furnishing. With Prime Furniture, you don’t just decorate your space; you elevate it.

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