Spice Up Your Outdoor Area with Funky, Sturdy Furniture Finds

Spice Up Your Outdoor Area with Funky, Sturdy Furniture Finds

Ever looked at your outdoor space and thought, "Man, this could really use a splash of pizzazz"? Well, you're in luck! Prime Furniture is here to turn that outdoor blah into an outdoor aha with our latest collection from Level Furniture Solutions. Trust me, your patio is begging for this makeover.

Meet Your New Outdoor Besties: Profile and Notion Chairs

Level Profile Chair Mint By A Pool

Profile Chair: Picture this: a chair so bright and cheerful that rain or shine, it just keeps glowing. Our Profile chair isn't just any chair. It's your future go-to for adding that pop of colour outdoors, made from the kind of polypropylene that laughs in the face of weather. Plus, it stacks. Yes, you heard right. Storage made easy!

Notion Chairs: Hate assembling furniture? Us too. That's why the Notion chairs are a dream come true. They come fully assembled, ready to party in a kaleidoscope of colours. Mix, match, and give your outdoor space that wow factor.

Level Notion Chair Navy by Pool and Stacked

Level Up with Roku and Cetara Collections

Roku Collection: Got a flair for hosting? The Roku collection's sleek, powder-coated aluminium designs are not just eye candy; they're tough as nails too. Perfect for those epic backyard bashes.

Level Roku Arm Chair Black By Pool with Table

Cetara Collection: If you're all about that eco-chic life, the Cetara collection's your match. Crafted from FSC-certified teak, its luxury meets durability. Dining al fresco never looked so good.

Level Cetara Table Terracotta

The Life of the Party: A Mobile Bar Cart

Why stick to one spot? With our mobile bar cart, you're ready to roll, making sure the drinks come to you, wherever you are. It's like having a portable happy hour at your fingertips.

Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space

Transforming your outdoor space into a stylish sanctuary requires a blend of creativity and practicality. Here are some design tips to help you get started:

  • Create a Focal Point: Whether it's a vibrant set of Notion chairs or the sophisticated Roku dining set, choose a piece that draws attention.
  • Play with Colours: Don't shy away from bold colours. The Profile chairs come in various hues, perfect for adding personality to your space.
  • Layer Textures: Mix materials like the aluminium of the Roku collection with the natural teak of the Cetara collection to add depth and interest.

Caring for Your Outdoor Furniture

To keep your furniture looking great year after year, here are some care tips:

  • Polypropylene Pieces: Wipe down your Profile chairs regularly with a mild soap solution and rinse with water.
  • Aluminium Sets: For the Roku collection, occasional cleaning with soapy water will prevent buildup and maintain its finish.
  • Teak Timber: The Cetara collection benefits from a yearly treatment with teak oil to preserve its rich colour and protect against the elements.


Q: Can the furniture withstand all weather conditions?

A: Absolutely! Our collections are designed with durability in mind, ready to face everything from scorching sun to pouring rain.

Q: Are the colours as vibrant as they appear online?

A: Yes, and even more so! The Notion chairs, in particular, are a feast for the eyes in person.

Q: What's the best way to store the Profile chairs?

A: Thanks to their stackable design, you can easily pile them up and cover them or store them in a shed or garage during the off-season.

Wrapping Up

Level Furniture Solutions at Prime Furniture is all about giving you those pieces that not only look fabulous but live through the seasons with you. From the playful Notion chairs to the sophisticated Roku and Cetara collections, and yes, that oh-so-handy mobile bar cart, your outdoor space is about to become the envy of the neighbourhood.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into www.prime-furniture.com.au and let's get that outdoor space from drab to fab. Your next unforgettable outdoor moment is just a click away.

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