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Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk

Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk

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Looking for a cushion?

Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk made of 100% cotton, so Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk soft and comfortable to sit on. The fabric has been dyed with natural dyes, which means no chemicals have been used in its production process. This makes Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk environmentally friendly too! And because we use organic cotton, you can be sure this product is safe for everyone in your family.

You won’t find another cushion like this one anywhere else!Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk comes with an inner bag filled with buckwheat husks – these are known for their ability to mold themselves around your body as you sit down or lie back on them. They provide support where you need it most and help relieve pressure points while still being soft enough to feel comfortable against your skin. These cushions also come in a variety of different colors that will look great anywhere they go! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Order our new Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk today!

Features of Weave Ava Cushion - Dusk

Barcode # 9326963000200
Brand Impasto Cushion Collection
Weave Colours Dusk
Style Classic
Primary Fabric Velvet Look
Pattern Plain
Primary Colour Pink
Size 50cm x 50cm
Texture Solid
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