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Kobe Stool - Natural - Black Shell

Kobe Stool - Natural - Black Shell

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Elevate spaces with Kobe Stools: functional black counter stools blending comfort and design
Incorporate the Kobe Stool with its Natural finish and Black Shell into your commercial space, and experience the seamless blend of design, functionality, and comfort. The Kobe Kitchen Stool is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture that is ideal for a range of commercial spaces, from offices to hotels and more. With its compact size and sleek design, this black counter stool is perfect for interior designers, commercial outfitters, and architects who are looking for a functional piece of furniture that will complement the overall aesthetic of their projects.
Tailored Comfort at Kitchen Stool Height: Perfectly Suited for Every Occasion
The Kobe Stool stands at a kitchen stool height of 64cm, making it a comfortable option for various settings. Whether you're enjoying a quick bite in the office kitchen or settling in for a casual chat at a cafe, this black kitchen stool provides the ideal perch. Its seat measures 44cm in width, offering ample room to relax, while the depth of 44cm accommodates various body types. These wooden stools are the perfect addition to any space, enhancing both style and practicality.
Crafted Elegance from American Ash: A Durable Frame That Speaks of Timeless Beauty
Crafted with care, the Kobe Kitchen Stool features frames made from natural American Ash. This choice of material not only adds a touch of timeless beauty to the counter stools but also ensures their durability and sturdiness. The seats, constructed from black-injected polypropylene, offer both comfort and easy maintenance. This combination of materials brings together form and function in one elegant package, ensuring that these black kitchen stools are as practical as they are eye-catching.
The Kobe Wooden Stool as Your Reliable Companion for Diverse Activities
Beyond their inviting design and quality construction, the Kobe wooden kitchen Stools offer impressive versatility. They're more than just seats; they're practical companions for a range of activities. Whether it's a quick catch-up with colleagues, a brainstorming session, or even a moment of relaxation, these wooden stools have you covered. Enhancing their comfort factor is the black powder-coated footrest that's thoughtfully incorporated. This footrest not only adds a dash of sophistication but also ensures that your feet find a cozy spot to rest, making these wooden kitchen stools your go-to choice for comfort during extended seating.

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