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Tilda Solid Mahogany Bench Medium (Chocolate)

Tilda Solid Mahogany Bench Medium (Chocolate)

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The Tilda Solid Mahogany Bench (Medium) is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and eco-friendly luxury, fashioned from 100% Solid Mahogany timber. With a commitment to quality and environmental integrity, each bench is made using SVLK-certified timber, ensuring each piece not only radiates opulence but also represents an environmentally responsible choice. Scaled to 128 cm in width while maintaining a 35 cm depth, it offers a comfortably spacious seating option, tailored for smaller spaces. Its compact dimensions make it an impeccable addition to your home, versatile enough to grace an entryway, nestle into a cozy dining room, or add elegance to a living area. The bench showcases a selection of inviting finishes, each one enhancing the unique grain and rich character of mahogany wood, casting a spell of sophistication and inviting warmth into any space. Despite its more modest size, the bench retains a sense of luxury and adapts effortlessly to various home décor styles, ensuring that it enhances and complements your living space with its undiminished charm and allure.
Measurements: 128cm (W) X 35cm (D) X 45cm (H)

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