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Amsterdam Solid Mahogany Timber Dining Table 120 x 70 cm (Natural)

Amsterdam Solid Mahogany Timber Dining Table 120 x 70 cm (Natural)

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Discover the charm of natural simplicity with the Amsterdam Dining Table in its new Natural variant, crafted from serene white cedar. Measuring 120 cm by 70 cm, this table comfortably seats four, making it a perfect setting for intimate gatherings and heartfelt conversations. Designed with a focus on quality and a nod to sustainable elegance, the Natural version echoes the fine craftsmanship of its mahogany counterpart, offering a fresh, organic aesthetic. Its scaled-down size fits beautifully in cozy dining areas or as a delightful centerpiece in a breakfast nook. The 78 cm height accommodates a range of seating styles, ensuring comfort meets class. With its white cedar composition, this table showcases the organic beauty and soft, welcoming hues of the wood, reflecting Centrum Furniture's commitment to crafting pieces that capture the essence of nature's tranquility for your dining space.
Measurements: 120cm (W) X 70cm (D) X 78cm (H)

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