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Tasmania Round Dining Table 120 cm (Light Pecan)

Tasmania Round Dining Table 120 cm (Light Pecan)

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The Tasmania Round Dining Table, spanning 120 cm in diameter, is a crafted marvel of SVLK-certified solid mahogany timber, merging environmental integrity with an everlasting aesthetic. This table channels the relaxed yet sophisticated essence of the Hamptons and American coastal design, infusing your dining space with a sense of elevated comfort. Available in a selection of finishes—from the crispness of white to the depth of espresso and the natural feel of weathered oak—each option complements your personal style and home's ambiance. With minimal assembly required, it promises swift and simple setup, allowing more time for enjoyment and less for preparation. Its versatile style makes it an ideal match for a multitude of decor themes, ensuring that the Tasmania Round Dining Table stands as the centerpiece for convivial gatherings and intimate family meals alike. Embodying coastal elegance, this dining table invites you to bask in the luxury of eco-conscious craftsmanship while creating moments that will turn into lasting memories.
Measurements: 120cm (W) X 120cm (D) X 78cm (H)

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