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Manhattan Solid Timber Frame Standing Mirror (Chocolate)

Manhattan Solid Timber Frame Standing Mirror (Chocolate)

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Embrace the charm of natural wood with the Manhattan Solid Mahogany Standing Mirror. Crafted from the finest solid mahogany timber, this free-standing mirror is a testament to the timeless beauty and enduring strength of natural materials. With dimensions of 65.0 x 7.0 x 150.0 cm and a weight of 11.5 kg, it's designed to make a statement in your space without overwhelming it. Choose from two warm hues to best suit your decor: a rich Chocolate Light Pecan or a classic Mahogany finish. Each shade highlights the unique grain patterns of the wood, ensuring that no two mirrors are exactly alike. This piece brings a touch of nature's serenity into your home, offering a full-length reflection that's perfect for any room. The Manhattan Solid Mahogany Standing Mirror arrives fully assembled for your convenience, allowing you to place it in your preferred spot right away. Whether it's the bedroom, dressing area, or living room, this mirror stands gracefully, supported by a sturdy frame and a cleverly designed support stand that maintains balance and style.
Measurements: 65cm (W) X 8cm (D) X 150cm (H)

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