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Tasmania Round Wine Table (Light Pecan)

Tasmania Round Wine Table (Light Pecan)

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Indulge in sophisticated wine evenings with the Tasmania Round Wine Table, where craftsmanship meets the pinnacle of luxury. This handcrafted gem, fashioned from SVLK-certified solid mahogany timber, epitomizes the seamless fusion of elegance and utility. Its sturdy mahogany composition promises enduring beauty and a steadfast presence in your space. With an artisan's touch, the table's creation reflects a commitment to excellence, available in five warm finishes to impeccably harmonize with your decor. Delivered fully assembled, it offers a hassle-free setup, inviting you to showcase your esteemed wine collection instantly. The Tasmania Round Wine Table isn't just furniture; it's an integral part of your wine-tasting journey, combining form, function, and a touch of grandeur.
Measurements: 50cm (W) X 50cm (D) X 65cm (H)

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