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Weave Zambesi Floor Rug - Sandstorm - 2m x 3m

Weave Zambesi Floor Rug - Sandstorm - 2m x 3m

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Introducing the Zambesi Flat Weave Rug in Sandstorm - Achieve a Scandi Look

Elevate your home decor with the Zambesi Flat Weave Rug in Sandstorm. This rug boasts a tightly woven traditional flat weave with a subtle chevron pattern that seamlessly blends into itself, creating a forgiving and versatile design.

Key Features:

  • Sandstorm Colourway: The Sandstorm colourway offers a natural linen tone with highlight details, making it perfect for achieving a Scandi look in your home.

  • Material: Crafted from 60% Wool and 40% Viscose, the Zambesi floor rug provides a beautifully soft feel underfoot.

  • Size: Measuring 2m x 3m, this rug is suitable for various areas of your home.

  • Durability: The rug features full cotton backing and edging, enhancing its longevity and wear. It is recommended for use in low to medium traffic areas like the living area.

  • Supporting Communities: Your purchase of this rug supports the development of communities through our membership of Care and Fair.

  • Maintenance: To maintain the rug, promptly treat spots and spills with warm water and a paper towel. Consult a professional rug cleaner if stains persist. Avoid scrubbing the rug to prevent permanent pile damage. Regularly vacuum with low suction power, protect it from direct sunlight, and rotate the rug for even wear.

  • Brand: Flat Weave Rug Collection

Transform your living space with the Zambesi Flat Weave Rug in Sandstorm, and achieve that desirable Scandi look. Enjoy the softness and durability of this rug while enhancing your home's decor. Purchase yours today to elevate your interior design.

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