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Mia Chair - Black Ash with Pad - Vintage Green Vegan Leather Seat Pad

Mia Chair - Black Ash with Pad - Vintage Green Vegan Leather Seat Pad

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Sleek Design with an Embrace of Luxury: Mia Black Ash Padded Dining Chair - Vintage Green Vegan Leather

The Mia Dining Chair in Black Ash with a Pad offers a sophisticated silhouette married with the plush comfort of a padded seat. This upholstered dining chair delivers a modern aesthetic with its bold, black stained ash frame and sumptuous seating. Designed to make a statement, the chair provides both a visually striking and an exceedingly comfortable dining experience, ensuring that it stands out as a pinnacle of style in any dining setting.

Bold Durability Meets Classic Style: Black Stained Ash Elegance

Crafted from the finest black stained ash wood, this wooden dining chair is built to last while offering a sleek, contemporary look. The deep, rich tones of the wood provide a strong visual anchor in any dining space, bringing a sense of grounded sophistication. The inherent strength of ash ensures that this chair is not only a design piece but also a practical choice for daily use.

Measurements :

48cm L X 57cm W X 78cm H

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