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Jepara 2 Drawer Carved Valet (Chocolate)

Jepara 2 Drawer Carved Valet (Chocolate)

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The Jepara 2 Drawer Carved Valet is an exquisite fusion of practicality and artisanal beauty, masterfully constructed from solid mahogany timber. Spanning 42.0 cm in length, 50.0 cm in width, and 123.0 cm in height, this piece brings both organizational utility and an artistic touch to your home. No assembly is required for this meticulously crafted valet, which comes in both rich Chocolate and classic Mahogany finishes, offering versatility to suit any interior palette. The design aesthetic of the Jepara is steeped in the tradition of Jepara wood carving, renowned for its intricate detail and elegance. The valet's spiraled posts and curved elements are a celebration of this art form, evoking the rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship of its Indonesian origins. With its flowing lines and ornate yet functional drawers, the Jepara Carved Valet is a statement piece that blends the best of classical woodwork with the demands of contemporary living.
Measurements: 42cm (W) X 50cm (D) X 123cm (H)

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