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Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black

Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black

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Do you love dining?

The Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black is the perfect table for your dining room. It is a stunning piece of furniture that will make your home look gorgeous and inviting to all who enter it. This table has an elegant design with a black finish, so it can fit in perfectly with any decor style you have going on in your house. You will be able to enjoy this beautiful piece every day.

With Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black, you will not have to worry about eating dinner alone anymore. Your family and friends will love coming over for dinner because they know they can sit down at such a lovely piece of furniture and enjoy their meal together without having to eat off paper plates or drink out of plastic cups like when they go out to eat at restaurants. They will also appreciate how much time you spend cooking delicious meals for them while sitting at such a nice table yourself. You deserve only the best, after all, which is why we recommend buying this product today.

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Features of Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black 

  • Engineered wood and black oak veneer construction.
  • Features E1 standard paneling and a wooden base with black veneer.
  • Carefully rounded corners for a precise curved structure.
  • 2x tall cylinder base to suspend wide and spacious table top.
  • Legs in vertical slatted detailing boasting premium craftsmanship and character.
  • Comfortably seats 8-10 people.
  • Product requires two-person assembly.

Dimensions of Calibre 2.8m Wooden Dining Table - Black

  • 280cm (Length) x 110cm (Width) x 75cm (Height)
  • Circumference of Leg: 160cm
  • Diameter of Leg: 39.5cm
  • Distance between legs: 118cm
  • Legs are inset by 29cm from edges of table
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